Rich Sticks

I am a proud endorser of Rich Sticks made right here in NH. The company is innovative, accommodating and personable. The sticks are well made, balanced and feel good. Check em out!



A distinct and unique new fusion of funk, jazz, Afro-beat, and West African rhythms, combining traditional instruments like the Fula flute, 10-string kamalen'goni and djembe, with drums, guitar, bass, sax and more. Donkilo! creates a sound that is fresh and daring, with live performances that transport audiences to previously unchartered musical territories. Donkilo: your call to dance!

 Ben Rudnick and Friends

This family music focuses of providing a common ground where all family members can enjoy a shared musical experience.  Ben Rudnick and Friends have been awarded five parents' choice awards and tour extensively in New England and the eastern seaboard.  We are known to make our way out west as well. With original songs and traditional material for the whole family, this band is a sure bet.