Education is a passion of mine. I think it is just as important to pass knowledge on to students who want to pursue percussion as a career as well as to the ones who want to play for enjoyment.

I offer drumset and percussion lessons at my home studio as well as area schools to students of all ages and abilities. I also facilitate drum circles for all ages and abilities. 

For the students who want to pursue a career, it is necessary to learn technique, develop an understanding of what makes music work, and what the proper role of the percussionist is. With that knowledge one can create whatever music they are hearing. The student is also able to adapt to any environment such as playing in a pit band in a musical, driving a big band, being a drummer in a punk rock band, or composing their own music.

For the students that want to play for enjoyment, the student will be able to recognize, learn the part and hear how the drums interact with the other instruments in a song. They will learn the skills to be able to jam with their friends or to be able to participate in a school band. 

Subjects can include but are not limited to  Jazz, funk, African, Afro Cuban, Rock, Concert Band, Hand Percussion, and Marching Band. I have 26 years of music related experience, 16 years of which have been teaching lessons and playing professionally.

As an instructor, I approach the lesson on an individualized basis.  I tailor the curriculum to the student’s ability and his/her particular interests.  With many years of professional experience, I feel that I have developed a teaching style that quickly recognizes what a student needs to develop their full musical potential. 

I am a firm believer that the instructor needs to inspire the student for the student to be engaged and to progress. The instructor has to be inspired as well. I continue to study privately as well as working toward a K-12 Teaching Degree from Plymouth State University.

I teach privately at the New Hampton School, the Manchester Community Music School, Tilton School, Fryeburg Academy, Holderness School, Interlakes High School Marching Band and Concert Band, Sant Bani School and at my home studio in New Hampton.  I also teach summer percussion workshops at various schools as well as Extended Learning Opportunities for children at risk.  Students vary in age as well as ability.  I teach from very beginner to advanced students. Many have won all-state awards, moved on to prestigious schools and others have gone on to have successful careers.